1. Introduction 2. لازم_نتعلّم# Competition 3. Eligibility and Conditions 4. Deadlines 5. Learners Certificates


Congratulations to all 25,000 learners who secured their place in the لازم_نتعلّم# Initiative.
We have been inspired by the progress you’ve been making and your level of engagement, so we wanted to show our support by taking the لازم_نتعلّم# Initiative offline.

لازم_نتعلّم# Competition

We are launching a competition to encourage all 25,000 registered learners to achieve as many course completions as possible within the learning deadline. Winners will earn Internships at UN-ESCWA in:

  • 1. Finance and Accounting

  • 2. Graphics and Data Visualisation

  • 3. Communications and Marketing

  • 4. Statistics and Data Science

  • 5. AI and Machine Learning

  • 6. Computer Graphics and Web Development

  • 7. Gender Studies

  • 8. Programming

Eligibility and Conditions

If you are one of our 25,000 registered learners, complete as many courses as you can to earn an internship at UN-ESCWA!

  • The top 50 learners with the most completions will be eligible for an interview

  • Only 10 of them will earn an internship spot


Selection date: 31 January 2021

Internship start date: February 2021

Learners Certificates